LIKEaBIKE Mountain Creme

LIKEaBIKE Mountain Creme


Special edition - The ultimate stylish version of the traditional Mountain. Featuring: stylish white leather seat cover, white handle bar grips and even white tires! From coast to coast - never look out of place. Enjoy your ride in style!

  • All wooden LIKEaBIKEs come with:

    Unique felt steering limiter to prevent jack-knifing

    Adjustable seat height (4 positions) means the bike will grow with your child

    Washable seat cover using a damp cloth

    Seat upholstering provides a more comfortable ride

    Pneumatic tyres provide a more comfort over bumps

    Smooth alloy rimmed wooden wheels for a traditional look

    Strong wooden structure (Marine plywood, including the wheels), long lasting and suitable for use in most weather conditions

    Rubber handle grips with safety ball end help protect little hands and allow for a good hold with small hands

    Perfect for both outdoors and indoors with non-marking rubber tyres

    2-year warranty

  • About this model:

    For cyclists 2-5 yrs old


    White leather seat cover

    Matching creme white handle bar grips

    Special edition white tyres

    Seat height:  32 cm- 41 cm (12.5”- 16")

    Recommended minimum inside leg measurement: 33 cm (13”)

    (please refer to our size chart)

    Weight 3.5 kg (7.7 lbs)


    XL seat post available for a seat height up to 17.2"


    For easier transport the wooden LIKEaBIKEs come with the handle bar taken off. The handle bar is mounted with 2 screws - tool included.

    The same tool can be used to adjust the seat height.


    *This special edition model comes straight from Germany to you. No extra cost but please allow 1-3 weeks for shipping! Let us know if you have any questions!

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