The invention of our balance bike revolutionized children’s mobility.

LIKEaBIKE is an exceptional toy for children from 2 years and up that meets their needs to improve gross motor skills. 

In a playful way the child experiences how to ride on two wheels:

First the young explorer will use the LIKEaBIKE as a hobby horse; he or she will soon discover the seat and start to sit down while moving the bike forward. Gaining confidence means using more momentum, pushing off with their feet to gain some careful speed. In any unstable moment the little rider will immediately put the foot back on the ground and get back to the feeling of safety and control. The sense of achievement boosts self-confidence and the child improves his or her riding skills within a very short period of time! Most important: right from the beginning the child is in control of the situation and while improving the sense of balance he or she enjoys being in charge of speed and mobility!

Moving on to a pedal bike later means no training wheels required (not at all!) and the child will get on the bike and ride off as if she or he has been pedalling ever since!

likeabike balance bike no pedals on cobb


We are proud to bring the original balance bikes from Germany to Canada! 


Often copied - never equalled! 


This does not only stand for the quality, design and safety of all our bikes but as well for the outstanding service we offer you.

LIKEaBIKE Canada is a small business run by bike lovers who believe children should learn to bike early and easily - and we have gained our experience growing up with the brand from 18 month old on the LIKEaBIKE Mini to 10 yrs old on the 24” LIKEtoBIKE. Next generation (14 month old) of in-house quality control is just about to start the test ride on the ROCKaBIKE.


We operate out of Toronto, try to respond to your emails and calls in the most timely manner (but we might be on the bike with the little people sometimes) and love to spread the word how much your child will enjoy their ride on a LIKEaBIKE!

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