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The major reason to get the original is that children should enjoy riding their LIKEaBIKE, that they should have fun discovering the world on two wheels.
To guarantee this, here are some facts why you want to see your sweetheart on the original LIKEaBIKE:


LIKEaBIKEs are made to the highest standards of engineering and quality and are meant to let your kids enjoy them for years.

They are hand-built by highly skilled and trained staff in Germany. The wood used for them is a special European birch plywood grown in sustainable forestry in Eastern Germany.The frame of the LIKEaBIKE Jumper is made of high quality lightweight 7005 Aluminum. Other components are made from high- grade steel, felt, rubber and organic cotton. They undergo strict testing to ensure there are no harmful chemicals present in any component.


An important safety feature which you will not find on any other walking bike is the patented steering damper that stops your child from turning the handlebar too far. This prevents the front wheel from sharp turns (a common cause for plunges on regular bikes) and little fingers cannot get pinched. Furthermore you won’t find any sharp edges on a LIKEaBIKE.


The inflated tires make them suitable for any ground – even if the little cyclists discover their passion for riding off the beaten tracks and try on rough and bumpy paths it is still comfortable. A rear- wheel mudguard protects the clothes from getting too mottled if the young rider doesn’t like to pay attention to the weather conditions.

Often copied but never equalled – that’s why you buy the Porsche and not just any roadster.