Our bikes grow with our customers! Same outstanding quality and craftsmanship and it’ll ensure your child keeps the love to ride! Comes with 8 gear shift and is available in red or our stylish special edition colours.

LtB 24 Kojak black-green

 LIKEtoBike 24″ $699

Please allow about 2 weeks for shipping. A shipping fee of $50.00 will be added at checkout.

The LIKEtoBIKE requires some assembly – it comes with detailed instructions and you’re welcome to call us if you need support or have any further questions!



The idea of a balance bike is to use body weight, momentum and of course the kid’s balance to get going. To stop they just put their feet down.

Nonetheless there are some reasons why KOKUA has this hand brake available – your call!

  • front mounted calliper brake
  • ergonomic lever for small hands
  • easy to set up

Jumper hand brake










And please do contact us if you have questions about the brake or are not sure if you need one…

Hand Brake for Jumper $39.00 



The steering damper set consists of the rubber O-ring, a nylon strap and the screw and washer to put it all together.

steering damper assembledsteering damper parts


Steering Damper $5.50 



You can easily remove the cotton seat cover and wash it from time to time (low temperature, slow spin, no dryer!) but if the time has come you can order a new one!

Or get a spare one in a different colour?

Available in red, blue, orange, pink, fur green and light green

Mountain cotton seat cover fur green











Cotton Seat Cover $16.00 



If your LIKEaBIKE has been loved for awhile, the grips might show when the bike was not parked but dropped on the ground! Or treated with the careful mind of a 3-year-old…

Handing it down to the next little rider will be more exciting if you simply switch the grips – it’ll look like new! Or if a younger sister has a different favourite colour – just change grips and seat cover, maybe even add a frame bag or a bell….

The grips (one pair) come in green, blue, red and black.

Mountain handle bar grips

Handle Bar Grips $8.50


Now shipping to the United States!

Due to some organizational changes we will now be able to send the

LIKEaBIKEs and LIKEtoBIKEs to our American neighbours.

As shipping varies a lot please contact us before placing an order!

Get your quote!

LIKEaBIKE shipping boxes

16″ back on stock

The LIKEtoBIKE 16″ is back on stock!

Due to high demand in KOKUA’s home market we were on backorder for a bit, sorry again!

But now they’re back!

All colours available – get ready and enjoy some nice rides in beautiful fall weather…

LIKEtoBIKE on stock again

New Jumper model coming soon!



KOKUA launched a new model of the ever famous Jumper!

Made with the same love for the product, 16 years of know-how and reputation for high quality German engineering this entry level model welcomes an even broader audience to our range of aluminium balance bikes.

They are on their way and we can’t wait to add them to our store. Come back soon to find out more!

Welcome to our Blog!

In this section we’ll present any news around LIKEaBIKE Canada.

New models, promotions, pictures (please send us your photos to share who is enjoying the ride on a LIKEaBIKE, Jumper or LIKEtoBIKE) and whatever else is important enough to share with our LIKEaBIKE friends and family!

Sheep riding in LIKEaBIKE trailer


LIKEaBIKEs are loved for a long time – sometimes the legs get longer but the love is still strong. Add two extra seat positions to enjoy the Mountain, Mini or Forest for some extra time. Or if the tall child starts riding this extra inch (1.25” / 30mm) allows to enjoy the ride more comfortably.

XL Seat Post $29