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A major part of LIKEaBIKE’s success is word-of-mouth advertising. And wherever we go, people turn their heads and ask what cool bikes they are.
As well LIKEaBIKEs appear in the media regularly, win awards and comes out with high rankings in any toy testings.
Here are a few recent releases:

LIKEaBIKE praised by newspapers and magazines



LIKEaBIKE received important German toy award and gained high marks in product testing

The LIKEaBIKE Race (first model on the market), Mountain, Spoky and Forest had already received it in 2007 – than the this time new model Jumper was given the award ‘spiel gut’ (good play) from the working committee of toys and child’s play – they’re a recognized organization that rewards children’s toys.

The highly-respected German consumer magazine ‘Stiftung Warentest” tested walking bikes in July 2008. The LIKEaBIKE Mountain was rated best bike and achieved highest marks for safety and durability, the Jumper won the tests in the category ‘riding’.


LIKEaBIKE in style magazine in different countries and celebrities (or their kids) spotted on LIKEaBIKEs

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Gary Fisher (who is seen as one of the fathers of mountain bikes) testing an XXL LIKEaBIKE on a bike exhibition.