Check out our new limited edition colours!

KOKUA Jumper sets new standards in quality and design. The frame is made of lightweight Aluminum and it comes with alloy rims and hubs. Additional comfort through pneumatic tires. The A-head stem is completed with a steering damper to prevent accidents. And even without pedals the Jumper looks quite like a grown-up bike!

KOKUA Jumper $319

Limited Edition Colours $329

Made from brushed-finished light weight Aluminum Al 7005, the LIKEaBIKE Jumper follows the strict quality and design requirements of the LIKEaBIKE family. The quick release fastener for the seat post allows a quick, flexible and comfortable seat height change. Two seat poles guarantee a maximum adjustability. The Jumper is equipped with a comfortable padded saddle with the KOKUA logo. The tires are Big Apple Balloon from Schwalbe, with puncture protection and reflection trim. And with the easily removable steering limiter the Jumper offers the maximum in flexibility.

The Jumper needs a little bit of self assembly as the handlebar, saddle and wheels are taken off for safer transport. Tools are not included.

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