For what age is the LIKEaBIKE?

Children from the age of two until the age of five love riding LIKEaBIKEs. Some start even a little earlier, some keep it longer. As there are different sizes of LIKEaBIKE and the seat post is adjustable you can choose the right size to start with and later easily adapt it to your child’s height and let it grow with him or her.

Does the LIKEaBIKE come with a warranty?

Yes! We are proud of the outstanding German quality of our LIKEaBIKEs and give you a 2-year-warranty – at no extra cost!

Can I get spares for my LIKEaBIKE?

Of course! Our policy is that if you ever need a part replaced just let us know. We want you to enjoy your LIKEaBIKE for a long long time. As it is a high quality toy produced in Germany we can supply you with everything from a lost screw to a side panel or wheel or just a new seat cover. This is part of our understanding of sustainability.

Does a LIKEaBIKE have brakes?

No. The idea of a walking-bike or push-bike is that the kids use their own feet to control their speed. This way they can focus on the major activity – riding along.

Which LIKEaBIKE for my child?

If you prefer the aluminium frame or the classical wooden one – it’s just a matter of taste. In terms of size the Mountain (our bestseller) and the Jumper are the standard size and fit most children. If your child is a little more petit than average (or wants to start at an early age) the MINI would be your choice, for very tall ones it could be the MIDI. For children with special needs we developed the MAXI.

What is the most common (and only reported) cause for damage to LIKEaBIKEs?

We have to quote our colleagues from the US here: “It’s LIKEaBIKEs being left in the driveway behind Mom’s or Dad’s car!”

Can you add pedals to the LIKEaBIKE?

No! It’s not meant to be a traditional bicycle. But if your kids are ready for the next step you may want to have a look at our LIKEtoBIKEs.

Is there any equipment necessary for the LIKEaBIKE?

No. Still we strongly recommend that children wear a helmet when using their LIKEaBIKEs. If you want to give your child’s LIKEaBIKE the latest touch there are a couple of nice accessories to choose from.

Why should you buy a LIKEaBIKE?

The original LIKEaBIKE is not only a great way to help your child improve gross motor skills, learn to balance and gain independence on two wheels at an early age, it’ll become soon one of their most favorite toys!