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It’s hard to describe the joy of a little person discovering independence on two wheels if you don’t see the smiling face and the blink in the eyes. But here’s what our happy customers (or their parents) told us:


“The new bike parts arrived about a week ago and I just got finished putting it together!  It looks great!  Thanks so much.” Leah


“The children like so the bicycles, more than I imagined even, they rode in the rain, greyness and cold when their Papa returned.”
Alexandra (first customer of LIKEaBIKE Canada)

“Our son is quite small but very well coordinated. He loved his MINI right from the beginning and with nearly 3.5 years now changed easily to a traditional bike.”

“Thank you so much! Our daughter never wanted to ride her tricycle nor any other wheeled toy but she loved her LIKEaBIKE straight from the beginning.”

“Thank you very much for the fast delivery. It was so exciting to receive the parts yesterday. We put the parts on the bike, and what the difference; it looks great and it rides even better. She was very excited yesterday to ride it in the park.”

“Thank you again for the quickness of my sisters order, it came right on my nephews birthday, thank you so much, He loves it.”

“I was very impressed by your kindness. I will inform you when it arrives. Thank you very much.”
Sang Wook Ha

“I received the bike this morning. Thank you so much for refunding the shipping costs. I am honestly so blown away by your customer service. Rarely does one come across this type of service anymore! I am already a very very satisfied Like-A-Bike customer and we haven’t even opened the box yet!”

“We got the bike, I put it together and my little one got on it and took off just like that. It’s been raining so hard that we’ve been unable to bike since. But he has gone down to the basement every morning and night to check his bike out. He really likes the red colour, says it makes the bike fast. But what he likes the most is the kick-stand, which he keeps showing to all his little friends and adults. I’ll send you a picture once we can finally get back on the trails.”

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