We do believe in the outstanding quality and the high-end materials of LIKEaBIKEs but even more in the love of a father who put all technical knowhow, German engineering and endurance and on top of that many many hours of trial and error to built a special bike without pedals for his little sons.

Rolf Mertens, inventor of LIKEaBIKE and founder of the KOKUA bike company developed the LIKEaBIKE in 1997. KOKUA is a Hawaiian word meaning ‘in harmony’. The company is run by Beate, Rolf and Alfred Mertens and those three and all of their employees put great effort into keeping the highest standard in terms of safety and technical features but always with a keen eye on the main goal:

We have two sons (born 2oo6 and 2oo8) and the older one started off with a LIKEaBIKEMountain when he was about 2.5 years old. He goes by bike everywhere and he loves it! When we moved to Canada there was no official distributor for LIKEaBIKEs yet so we decided that we should give the Canadian parents the chance to find out about this great wooden walking bike!

Our son had a steel pushbike first but it took him a while to get comfortable with it. When he finally manage to take up speed he often turned his handlebar too far and tumbled. We heard about LIKEaBIKE, tried one from a friend and he immediately felt the difference. That made us not loosing time to get him one of those fantastic birch wood LIKEaBIKEs.

Using it for a good year now we are absolutely convinced of the great impact it has on our son’s gross motor skills development, his self-confidence and, most of all, the fun and joy he has riding it! We take it everywhere in every weather condition (rain and snow won’t put him off, neither does muddy or sandy terrain), he can manage pretty good distances without being bored or tired (what saves us the hassle of taking the twin stroller) and whether he uses it as a mean of transport or rides it just for fun – he enjoys every minute on it.

Our little one (not just two) saw me assembling a LIKEaBIKE Mini for a customer. I let him sit on it to see if his little legs would be long enough to give it to him later for his birthday. It fit well and he claimed this immediately to be ‘his bike’ and insisted on accompanying his brother on his own bike for the next stroll to the playground. It’s amazing how fast he got used to the concept of pushing forward and it’s fantastic to watch him riding along with that proud happy smile on his cheeks…

The kids should love to ride their LIKEaBIKEs!