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with the unique wooden kids bike without pedals – our LIKEaBIKE ! Get the original invented in 1997. Let your kid enjoy the ride long before they manage a pedal bike!

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Our daughter never wanted to ride her tricycle nor any other wheeled toy but she loved her LIKEaBIKE straight from the beginning. - Andrea

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  • As early as 2 years of age children can make their own experiences on two wheels!
  • Kids learn to ride a LIKEaBIKE pretty fast and love the move!
  • Improves gross motor skills a lot!
  • Invented and manufactured in Germany!
  • A wonderful chance for children with special needs!

Quality • Safety • Comfort

The major reason to get the original LIKEaBIKE: your children should enjoy their ride and have fun discovering the world on two wheels. To guarantee this, here are some facts why you want to see your sweetheart on the original. Often copied - never equaled: LIKEaBIKE.

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Your Choice!

If you prefer the traditional original wooden look of the Mountain or if the walking bike should look more like Daddy's pedal version - both are light, have special safety features and are made to highest standard of German engineering. Let your little one enjoy the ride!

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